What You Are Itching to Know: Does Garlic Work to Treat Yeast Infections?

Yeast infections are caused by the Candida fungus in the yeast family and while they do occur anywhere on the body, the vaginal area is typically the primary problem. While there are traditional prescription medications that could be prescribed, you are not truly getting to the heart of the problem – how to keep the infection from coming back. There are natural solutions available and one of the most common of them can be answered by the question of whether or not does garlic work to treat yeast infections?

How to Incorporate this Onion Relative

It sounds quite unappealing and fragrant but the "does garlic work to treat a yeast infection" question is a resounding yes. Of course, everyone's body chemistry is different but garlic has long been a natural solution for many other health issues, so why not yeast? This onion relative may work gangbusters for one person while for you or someone else it may take the edge off the itching and burning symptoms.

While the "does garlic work to treat yeast infection" debates go on, there are several different ways you can incorporate it into your routine to see for yourself. First of all, there are garlic tablets that can often be found in health food stores that are made for vaginal suppository purposes and can be used based on the printed instructions.

Fresh garlic could also be the solution to the "does garlic work to treat yeast infection" scenario but what you do with it can be up to you. The garlic could be consumed daily as part of your diet plan – crushed, chopped or whole – in favorite foods such as salads, spaghetti and more. You may choose to insert the peeled garlic cloves whole inside the vaginal cavity but you would have to remember to occasionally remove them and then replace them with new cloves.

Why It Works

The fact is known that the burning question of "does garlic work to treat yeast infections" is indeed correct but do you know why it does? There is a sulfur component called allicin which is quite active in garlic, especially when the vegetable has been cut, crushed or even bruised a bit. This sulfur compound is quite potent and not only as antibiotic properties but also the ability to suppress the reproduction and growth of germs.

"Does garlic work to treat a yeast infection" is a definite yes and the fact is that this onion relative has the power to treat many other health problems as well. The only drawback to garlic is that if you buy them in a supplemental tablet or capsule form to swallow, you want to ensure that you buy them with an active expiration date to ensure potency.
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