Identifying the Physical Effects of a Yeast Infection

Candida is the fungal microorganism that causes yeast infections and typically it likes damp, warm places. Think of all the warm, damp places on and in your body and you will discover quite a few such as skin folds, your mouth, vaginal area, groin area, under the breasts and many other places that may be affected when you sweat on hot, humid days. Therefore, physical effects of a yeast infection can vary depending on where they are occurring on the body.

Vaginal and Groin Areas

The physical effects of a yeast infection for the vaginal area can range from annoying to excruciating, depending on the severity of it. The burning, itching sensations both inside and outside make some women ponder how damaging a wire brush may be to scratch the itch! A white clumpy discharge similar to the consistency of cottage cheese may also count among the physical effects of a yeast infection.

Men can also contract yeast in the groin area with similar burning, itching sensations but discharge may be minimal. In both men and women, sexual intercourse may be painful and should be abstained from to recover from the physical effects of a yeast infection as well as to avoid the spread of it to a partner.

Mouth Area

Denture wearers may also find that trapped moisture causes physical effects of a yeast infection such as burning areas and raw spots. A person with diabetes or someone who takes antibiotic therapy may encounter yeast in the mouth as well. This overabundance of yeast is also called oral thrush and can cause white spots on the tongue as well as raw, red areas. The corner of your lips or mouth where moisture can accumulate is also affected by yeast at times.

Skin Folds or Trapped Areas

When you carry extra weight, your skin folds can present physical effects of a yeast infection such as a red, raised rash that is itchy or burning. Occasionally, scaling similar to eczema can occur around this red, itchy rash so it is important to keep the skin dry as possible. Of course, during the summer months when humidity and sweat are at an all-time high, keeping dry can be tough!

Armpits, behind the knees and under the breasts are other areas that display physical effects of a yeast infection too. Being diligent in drying off and even using a drying powder in those areas is the best bet to prevent the yeast from growing rapidly.
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