A Quick Answer to the Question "Can I Go Swimming with a Yeast Infection?"

The quick and short answer to the question "can I go swimming with a yeast infection" is yes but the other burning question is "why would you want to?" Consider this: a yeast infection is caused by Candida, a fungal microorganism which lives to multiply in an environment that is warm and moist. Unless you are in the polar bear club, you are likely going to be swimming in warm water, so guess what is going to be trapped against your warm, moist body?

Can I go swimming with a yeast infection begs the aside that it should not be a smart thing to do and should be avoided until the infection is cleared up. However, as with life, things come up – obligations, opportunities – that may require that you suit up for a dip in the pool. Therefore, you should understand why swimming is not always the best idea to follow through with.

The Why's of It All

The pH level (acid or alkaline) of your skin and body fluctuates depending on your body's chemistry and other factors like illness and diet. When that pH balance is upset, it can cause health issues which are harder to clear up if you go swimming, especially when the question of "can I go swimming with a yeast infection" is answered with a "probably should not."

The answer to why does swimming cause such a stir with yeast infections sufferers is because the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can affect the pH levels in your body, particularly the vaginal area. "Can I go swimming with a yeast infection" is a question that many vaginal yeast infection sufferers ask and end up doing anyway, despite advice to not do so.

How to Do It and Still Clear It Up

If you must suit up in answer to "can I go swimming with a yeast infection" then at least take precautions to ease your itchy condition. For instance, the moment swimming is complete, take off your bathing suit, rinse off the chlorine with clean water and then thoroughly dry yourself. Once dry, then you can apply a suppository or topical medication to alleviate the yeast symptoms that may include itching and burning.

"Can I go swimming with a yeast infection" can be answered again with a yes and you can make allowances to put on a topical ointment beforehand. For instance, with vaginal yeast infections, you might use a suppository before suiting up as your body heat will melt and release the medication. So while you can definitely swim, be sure to take care of your body and situation to ensure you do not stay in a wet bathing suit for long.
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