Treating Yeast Infection With Hydrogen Peroxide: Is It Possible?

Hydrogen peroxide lives normally in the vagina and helps stop fungal infections in most cases. In spite of this, when the human body generates an uncontrollable amount of yeast, the hydrogen peroxide which must be physically occurring is overwhelmed and fungal infection takes place.

Therefore, the hydrogen peroxide which was defeated by the growing infection should be restored. This can possibly be done through a number of ways. All the measures given below must be consulted first with your physicians so that proper guidance can be given.

Treating Yeast Infection With Hydrogen Peroxide: The Solution

When the normal flora in your vagina cannot control the growing number of fungi anymore, other measures must be taken in order to prevent aggravation of the problem. One remedy would include mixing a teaspoon-full of hydrogen peroxide solution with a cup of water. This is to be applied through a douching system once per day until the signs and symptoms fully disappear. Although treating yeast infection with hydrogen peroxide is effective, its use is medically controversial that is why you need to consult your doctors first.

Treating yeast infection with hydrogen peroxide can also be possible when done through a tub water bath. You simply have to mix a tub full of water plus a pint of full strength hydrogen peroxide and soak yourself in. It is advisable to do the baths in the mornings because it may cause disruption of sleep during the night.

Treating Yeast Infection With Hydrogen Peroxide: Other Means

Aside from the potent solution itself, you can start treating yeast infection with hydrogen peroxide through ingestion of fruits and vegetables. You can get the hydrogen peroxide out of these foods by juicing them. This is greatly helpful because the hydrogen peroxide helps re-oxygenate your cells. Some of the most recommended fruits which are rich in hydrogen peroxide are Watermelon and Cranberry. You can also search the net for more fruit and vegetable varieties for additional choices.

Treating yeast infection with hydrogen peroxide through fruit juices and vegetables is one great way to put a stop to fungal infestation. If done regularly and if implemented strictly, you can be assured that the diet can help you in so many ways. Discipline with one's self and determination to get cured are two of the motivational factors which help a person become fully treated. Again, you have to seek help from a professional in order for you to be guided accordingly on this matter.
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