Understanding Candida Infection And The Affects On Your Health

A Candida infection is a type of yeast infection that can occur in a number of different areas of the body, including the mouth in the form of “thrush” or the vaginal area as a common yeast infection. The symptoms of a Candida infection include itching, a white discharge and possible burning with urination. This type of infection is the result of the body’s own bacteria becoming out of balance, allowing the “bad” bacteria to take over and cause the infection. When Candida infections are left unchecked, they can actually travel to other areas of the body where they can cause more serious problems. Antibiotics are not always the answer, and often can be attributed as a contributing cause of the problem. The good news is that there are a number of natural remedies that you can use to cure your yeast infection and bring your body back to optimum health and wellness. infection.

Environment is Everything

Often, the first step in treating this type of infection is to alter the environment so that the bacteria cannot multiply as easily. This is accomplished by changing your diet and eliminating all of the foods that are processed into sugar by the body. Candida infections feed on sugar, so you not only need to eliminate sweets from your diet, you should also avoid alcohol, breads and potatoes that are broken down into sugars by the body. It is also a good idea to stay away from fruit juices, syrup and honey during this time. Once your body has ridded itself of the optimum environment for bacterial growth, you can move onto the process of getting rid of the bad bacteria once and for all. A large part of ousting “bad” bacteria comes by boosting the immune system so that it is better able to fight the infection. This may include a number of herbs or natural medications, like garlic or Pau d’arco tea. There is currently a product on the market that combines a number of these healing herbs into one, easy-to-take supplement called Candidate. In addition to fighting a Candida infection with its anti-fungal properties, Candidate also can soothe and repair the digestive tract. You can find this product on a number of websites

Eating Right for Optimum Health and a Cure

One of the best things you can do to treat a Candida infection at home is to eat yogurt. There is an ingredient in this food, called acidophilus, that can boost the immune system and regulate the bacteria balance in the area. If you don’t want to eat yogurt, you can also buy acidophilus supplements from your pharmacy or health food market. Another good yeast infection cure is to apply yogurt directly to the area. Make sure in this case that the yogurt is the plain, unsweetened kind. Another cure for the itching associated with this type of yeast infection is to apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the area. As you are treating your infection with these methods, make sure that you are also drinking plenty of water every day, since this will help to flush the toxins from your body much more effectively.

There is no doubt that a Candida infection can be uncomfortable and even painful at times. The good news is that there are plenty of options available in home treatments that will soothe the area and bring you back to optimum health in no time at all.
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