What Are The Possible Economic And Social Effects Of Yeast Infection?

Firstly, it should be emphasized that yeast infections, at least in the majority of the cases, are only mild infections, that can disappear even by themselves, consequently, there are no serious economic and social effects of yeast infection. They can be treated quite easily as opposed to widespread diseases like cancer, HIV or diabetes, that surely have a variety of general economic and social effects.

Possible Economic And Social Effects Of Yeast Infection

As yeast infection in many cases is a rather superficial disease, its treatment is quite fast. Although it could generally be said that yeast infection medications are rather expensive, as they are most probably only required for a few days, a yeast infection will not have important economic effects, people will be able to go to work with a yeast infection and mostly, perform their everyday duties, moreover yeast infection in itself cannot be lethal.

As medication is generally needed for only a short time, there is not much support needed from third parties, thus in this sense, the economic effects for a short yeast infection are not serious. In more severe cases one will not necessarily be able to work, and will need medication for a longer stretch of time, however as these cases are not predominant, the economic effects of yeast infection are almost negligible.

The social effects of yeast infection besides the economic effects should also be considered. Although yeast infection can reportedly have side-effects such as anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, hypersensitivity, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, mood swings or memory loss for example, these only appear in more extreme cases. More generally, as a side-effect of a yeast infection, one may feel discomfort, though only a mild one, there is not much pain, or depression for example involved, at least, in most of the cases.

Therefore, the social effects of yeast infection are not really serious. People diagnosed with yeast infection may feel sometimes as outsiders, carrying a strange infection, however, as its symptoms are not visible and permanent, and its consequences are not serious, yeast infection does not have any important social effects.

Economic And Social Effects Of Yeast Infection Compared To HIV Or Cancer

If one considers the consequences of HIV or cancer, any possible economic and social effects of yeast infection seem irrelevant in contrast. Diseases like HIV and cancer often permanently incapacitate men, who will be unable to continue their lives as before, or work, moreover, millions of people die just because of HIV or cancer.

Their treatment is long and expensive as well, which surely has economic effects. As social effects of HIV and cancer, patients could suffer depression and any psychological problems, they will feel and often be looked upon as outsiders, from a social perspective. While, compared to all these, the economic and social effects of yeast infection are largely irrelevant and only short-term.
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