Discovering A Home Cure For Candida Yeast Infection: The Importance Of Diet

You know the symptoms: itching, discharge, painful urination. The signs of yeast infections are not fun. However, with the proper treatment at home, and a Candida yeast diet, you may be able to ward off a yeast infection that is trying to rear its ugly head and even prevent future infections from occurring at all. The key is in learning what an effective home cure for a yeast infection looks like, and which ones will effectively treat the uncomfortable symptoms as well as the underlying infection.

Food As A Home Cure For Yeast Infection

For a home cure for a yeast infection that will treat your problem from the inside out, try eating a daily dose of yogurt. This important dairy food contains an ingredient called acidophilus, which is an effective germ-buster for the body. Not only does this substance increase the healthiness factor in this area of the body, it will also boost the immune system to make it more effective in fighting infection. If you don’t like the taste of yogurt, you can take acidophilus in a capsule form. You can find this supplement at your pharmacy or health food store. There is also a liquid version that is always kept refrigerated, so you may need to ask your pharmacist if you are having trouble finding this supplement on the store shelves. Another good way to use yogurt as a home cure for a yeast infection, is to apply a small bit around the opening of the vagina. If you use yogurt in this way, make sure that it is the plain, unsweetened kind.

Foods To Avoid And Foods To Include In Your Diet In Your Diet

Another home cure for a yeast infection involves avoiding certain substances that can actually exacerbate your problem. These “no-no’s” include alcohol, sugar, foods that are high in fat, and processed foods. It is also a good idea to avoid yeast-containing foods, such as cheeses, peanuts and dried fruit. Opt instead for fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Garlic has antifungal properties, so this food may help treat or prevent yeast infections as well. Use it liberally in your cooking as a home cure for a yeast infection, but warn family members to keep their distance after enjoying this meal! It is also a good idea to stock up on foods that are rich in beta-carotene, since this nutrient is highly effective in boosting the immune system as well. Foods that fall into this category include carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, broccoli and spinach. Read more about the Candida Yeast Diet.

Other Things You Can Do In Your Home Cure For Yeast Candida

While dietary changes can be an effective home cure for a yeast infection, there are other methods that you can utilize as well. First, always wear cotton underwear, except at bedtime when you should switch to a loser boxer short for sleeping. Avoid having any synthetic fabric against this area of your skin. Change out of wet clothing like bathing suits and workout gear immediately, so that the moisture does not have the chance to irritate the area and introduce even more bacteria. Adding a little bit of cornstarch can also keep this area dry and clean – remember how well it worked for your baby’s diaper rash? Additionally, an occasional vinegar douche is thought to be an effective home cure for a yeast infection, as well as a good preventative measure. This act will add an acidic balance to your vaginal area that will make it difficult for additional bacteria to grow.

Using A Herbal Remedy To Fight Yeast Candida

However, in order to completely get rid of a yeast infection, you may need to combine the above methods with a good herbal formula designed to attack the Candida. One herbal remedy that does just that is this one. The ingredients in this formula have been used for centuries in alleviating symptoms of yeast infections, These herbs have been hailed to eliminate the Candida that causes yeast infections, as well as assist with digestive disorders, fatigue, and can be a natural blood purifier. Additionally, the ingredients are packed full of minerals and nutrients and are very good for the body. This isn’t a quick fix; it assists in the elimination of Candida which causes yeast infections. It contains ingredients that are specially formulated to help kill yeast infections without getting your PH balance out of whack. Having a yeast infection and an overabundance of Candida is very common, it also makes it more difficult to treat... Until now! This product works as a double attack, an internal and topical spray to help ensure that the yeast infection is completely removed from your system - inside and outside. You can learn more about it here.

If you are suffering with the uncomfortable symptoms, you do have options in a home cure for a yeast infection. With a few specific measures, you can be on your way to pain and itch-free days in no time at all.
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