Candida Yeast Diet No 2: Moderate Cases

For chronic vaginal yeast infections, or additional symptoms which prevent you from feeling really good, begin with this diet. If Candida Yeast Diet No.1 did not clear up your symptoms, incorporate these suggestions into your program as well.

Candida Yeast Diet 2: Foods to Eliminate (Save for Reference for Diet 3):

Same as Candida Yeast Diet No.1 – Plus:
  1. Wheat, oats, rye and barley, which contain gluten and can feed Candida.
  2. Fruit and diluted fruit juices, high in fructose (fruit sugar).
Candida Yeast Diet 2: Foods You Should Reduce

Same as Candida Yeast Diet No.1, except for some whole grains:
  1. Brown rice, millet, buckwheat, cornmeal
  2. Herb teas and spices, which may contain molds
Candida Yeast Diet 2: Foods You Should Emphasize

Same as Candida Yeast Diet No.1

Candida Yeast Diet 2: Supplements You Should Take

Take the following for one month after symptoms stop.
  1. Yeast-free multi-vitamin/mineral
  2. 1000 milligrams vitamin C, four times a day
  3. Lactobacilus acidophilus in large quantities (Ultradophilus, Maxidophilus, Superdophilus, and so on, with approx. 2 billion organisms per gram) to help repopulate the intestines. Take 1/2 teaspoon morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  4. 2 teaspoons olive oil with 2 teaspoons oat bran, three times a day, to help keep fungus from crossing the intestinal barrier.
  5. 100 micrograms selenium for immune system support.
  6. 400 iu dry vitamin E for immune system support.
  7. 20,000 iu beta carotene for immune system support.
  8. Digestive enzymes, with pancreatin, after meals and before bed, to help digest the food you eat as well as undigested food particles in the bloodstream.
  9. Candex to improve immune response and eliminate the fungus.
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