One Dose Yeast Infection Prescription Stops Proliferation Of The Fungus, Does Not Cure

Yeast infection will certainly not go away by itself and so, when you need to cure symptoms of it you may end up having to try using medications including trying out one dose yeast infection prescription to stop the yeast infection from returning. The fact of the matter is that it is believed that as many as seventy-five percent of adult women have had yeast infection at least once in their lives and of these seventy-five percent, about half of them have reported repeat cases of yeast infection.

A Costly Option

When you opt to use one dose yeast infection prescription you will find that you need to spend a little more money than you bargained for because such treatments cost a fair amount of money. What’s more, one dose yeast infection prescription is not a cure but only a method of alleviating symptoms. Thus, if you experience a lot of pain while urinating, you should consider using one dose yeast infection prescription to at least alleviate the symptoms though you won’t be able to cure the problem.

The most common one dose yeast infection prescription is Diflucan which is a unique pill that treats yeast infection in a most novel way, while if you are living in Canada, then you would want to check out one dose yeast infection prescription called Fungizone and in the UK it is known as Canestan though this may be the same drug sold under another name.

However, Diflucan is the more commonly used one dose yeast infection prescription and it is essentially an anti-fungal agent that needs to be taken systemically or in other words through the mouth or even intravenously. Its main benefit lies in the fact that it is fungistatic that means that it can stop fungi such as Candida albicans from further proliferating though it does not actually kill the fungus. What’s more, this one dose yeast infection prescription will normally take a few days before its effectiveness is noticed.

In fact, Diflucan works from the inside and it penetrates into the tissues within the vagina and there it succeeds in eliminating the yeast infection. Thus, if you take a single pill of this one dose yeast infection prescription, its effect in the vagina can last up to three days though the fungal itchiness may continue even in spite of taking this one dose yeast infection prescription. What’s more, the prescription instructions for using Diflucan mentions the word ‘usually’ rather than saying ‘must’ and so, there is no guarantee that one pill will in fact, do the trick.
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