Candida Yeast Diet No 3: Severe Cases

Some people are debilitated by Candida and cannot function at work or can barely get through the day. If you were exposed to high levels of antibiotics as a child, or if you have had severe symptoms for more than four years, go directly to this diet.

If your symptoms did not clear up with Candida Yeast Diet No. 2, advance to this one until they diminish.

Candida Yeast Diet 3: Foods to Eliminate

Same as Candida Yeast Diet No. 2 + Plus:
  1. Dried meat and smoked meat, fish of poultry, including sausage, hot dogs, luncheon meats, smoked turkey, and smoked salmon.
  2. Nuts and seeds, which may contain mold.
  3. All grains, except a little rice and millet.
  4. Herb teas and spices.
Candida Yeast Diet 3: Supplements You Should Take
  1. Yeast-free multi-vitamin/mineral.
  2. Digestive enzymes with pancreatin after meals and before bed.
  3. 1000 milligrams vitamin C an hour (up to 10 grams/day) for immune system.
  4. Acidophilus in large quantities (some brands, Ultradophilus, Maxidophilus, and so on have approx. 2 billion organisms per gram) to repopulate the intestinal bacteria. Take 1/2 teaspoon morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  5. 2 Teaspoons olive oil with 2 teaspoons oat bran, three times a day, to help keep fungus from crossing the intestinal barrier.
  6. 100 micrograms selenium three times a day, for immune system.
  7. 400 iu dry vitamin E two times a day for immune system.
  8. 20,000 iu beta carotene, for immune system
  9. Pau D'Arco tea (taheebo tea), an herb tea from South America, which kills fungus, one cup three times a day.
  10. Candex to improve immune response and eliminate the fungus.
  11. Nystatin in powder form, available by medical prescription.
As soon as you are free from symptoms, begin reintroducing a few foods slowly. The last ones to add would be yeast, vinegar, and mushrooms.

It may be necessary for you to stay on the Candida Yeast Diet for a number of months.

Doctors report a year or more is not unusual, but Fuchs has found by combining supplements with diet, it is often possible to go back to the Anti-Illness Diet more quickly.

The more thoroughly you are able to stay on these diets, the faster you can eliminate excess Candida. However, it is better to be on a modified diet than on no diet at all.
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