Do It Yourself: Yeast Infection Home Test Kit

A yeast infection can be an uncomfortable condition of the body. Generally, individuals who have experienced a yeast infection complain about severe itching, burning of the affected area, a fluid like discharge and a yeast-like odor.

A yeast infection is caused by Candida albincan. This is a strain of yeast that is found in minute amounts within the human body. What keeps this strain of yeast from becoming an infection is a balance between this strain of yeast and bacteria which is also found in the body. This bacteria is known as Lactobacillus. When there is an unbalance or lack of the bacteria, the likelihood of an infection increases. An unbalance can be created if an individual uses antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills, etc. Also, a woman is susceptible when there are hormonal changes.

One other major cause of a yeast infection can be attributed to sexual intercourse. This infection occurs because of the exchange of bodily fluids which in turn can trigger an unbalanced condition.

If an individual suspects that they may have a yeast infection, there are a number of ways that the condition can be verified. One of those ways is through a physical examination or a test conducted by a professional laboratory. One other way is through a yeast infection home test kit.

Benefits Of A Yeast Infection Home Test Kit

One of the benefits of using a yeast infection home test kit is that it can eliminate a trip to the doctor. In turn, this “do it yourself” test can save the individual time and money by simply performing the test in the comfort of one’s home and then processing the exam according to the instructions. The time that is saved is due to the fact that the individual can eliminate the need for a doctor’s visit and a trip to the laboratory. In addition, the money expended on a yeast infection home test kit is generally less that a doctor’s visit and a lab test that may be ordered.

How A Yeast Infection Home Test Kit Works

Often, a yeast infection home test kit simply requires the sampling of a few drops of the patient’s blood. This can be accomplished by simply pricking the finger and dispersing the blood as directed. Once this has been accomplished the individual just mails the sample to the lab and waits for the results. Often the yeast infection home test kit guarantees that the results will arrive within a matter of days.

How A Yeast Infection Home Test Kit Works

A yeast infection home test kit measures two types of antibody levels within the blood stream. Those antibody levels are the IgG and IgM. The higher these levels measure the greater the indication that the individual is infected with a yeast infection.

It is, however, important to remember that there is a normal trace of Candida albicans. Therefore, a reputable yeast infection home test kit will indicate whether the level of Candida albican that is present can be defined as positive return.
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