Outlining Thrush aka Yeast Infection of the Tounge & Mouth

Yeast infections are bad enough when they are in the genital or folded skin areas but when it is a yeast infection of the tounge then it is quite an uncomfortable mess. When a yeast infection presents itself in the oral cavity, it is also called oral thrush and can manifest itself on the gums, palate, tongue and more.

If you have a yeast infection of the tounge, you can expect some uncomfortable sensations along with food and drink tasting a bit off. Of course, the food and drink can exacerbate the yeast infection especially if it contains acidic foods which could burn vulnerable areas or sugary foods which actually feed the yeast, causing a proliferation of more.

A Look at Thrush

Yeast infection of the tounge also known as thrush is a common problem in those people with diabetes and HIV/AIDS although babies do get it as well. If you have white patches on the tongue that look thick and somewhat like milk curds, it is likely an infection. This type of yeast infection of the tounge will appear raw and red when you wipe the white curdled material off it, although it can have that appearance without the white coating.

Pain could be a problem if you have this type of yeast infection of the tounge, particularly when you eat and drink. As referenced above, consumption of food and drink must be regulated so as to choose items that do not "feed" the yeast nor irritate it either. It is important to find a happy medium as people with thrush often become dehydrated because of the pain associated with drinking fluids and eating food.

Another Tongue Condition

There is another type of yeast infection of the tounge called erythematous and it is characterized by red, scaly patches on the tongue as well as the palate in the mouth. Like thrush, this type of infection can be painful, particularly when consuming food and drink. In addition, some areas of the tongue and palate may appear red, swollen and mucosal in appearance. For temporary pain relief, you will want to avoid salty, spicy and acidic foods and beverages to avoid exacerbating the problem.


Yeast infection of the tounge interferes with your every day life preventing you from enjoying your favorite foods and beverages with ease. There are oral anti-fungal treatments that you would swish around your mouth, much like mouthwash as well as oral lozenges and even oral anti-fungal medications. When you have a yeast infection of the tounge, your doctor will provide the best guidance as to your treatment options.
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