Honey as a Yeast Infection Remedy – A Sticky Situation

Warm, moist areas on or in your body are perfect breeding grounds for Candida, a fungal type infection which occurs when the delicate balance of healthy bacteria is affected. Many treatments exist – both prescription and natural - for Candida infections and one of the most intriguing is honey as a yeast infection remedy. Why does this sweet and sticky golden substance seem to work on the itching, burning sensations that go hand in hand with a yeast infection?

Consider this – yeast infections are the result of a lack of healthy bacteria and this yeast enjoys sugar and other sweets because it feeds off them. Honey as a yeast infection remedy may not make much sense in this situation but in fact, it can be quite effective for many people. Yes, honey is sweet but it is also what is in honey that makes it such a great natural treatment for many things.

Why It Works

Honey as a yeast infection remedy works because it has bacteria which can help restore the delicate pH balance on your skin and within your body. Of course, these same bacteria can kill a young child under age two if ingested so you must be careful when trying this particular natural treatment. What can be uncomfortable is the stickiness on the skin and in the vaginal area (if that is where the infection is) but you luckily do not have to leave the honey on all day.

Basically, the honey as a yeast infection remedy is a winner because the bacteria in this sweet and sticky nectar basically crowds out the Candida fungal microorganisms. The bacteria in the honey helps replenish what you might have lost when the Candida yeast infection took over.

Methods of Application

A few applications can be considered when you see honey as a yeast infection remedy and all of them are gooey and messy! First of all, if you have a vaginal yeast infection, take a squirt bottle of honey in with you to the bathroom and use the squirting action to insert the sweet treatment. Leave the honey in for a short time and then go for a cool water rinse to further alleviate the burning and itching.

Honey as a yeast infection remedy can also be used in places such as between folds of skin or beneath the breasts. Applying it to the affected areas with a thick coat is advisable, leaving it on for as long as possible before washing it off. To maximize the effectiveness of the honey, apply to yeast affected areas at least twice a day.
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