Treatment for Yeast Infection on Skin Can Vary

You can blame Candida, a fungal microorganism, for most yeast infections that are found both in and out of the body. When you have Candida, treatment for yeast infection on the skin can vary due to the nature of how it occurs and to a certain point, your skin condition and sensitivity. Most of the time, yeast shows itself on the skin in the form of a red raised rash that may or may not become scaly.

Causes of Infection

Skin infections caused by the Candida can occur within the folds of skin, under the armpits and breasts and even around the stomach if there is some excess there. Treatment for yeast infection on skin in these situations is necessary, not only to restore the balance of skin but also to improve quality of life. Without taking care of it, the infection can become quite painful and lead to other complications, creating a much tougher case to treat.

Antibiotic therapy may also cause an overabundance of yeast thereby requiring treatment for yeast infection on skin. Antibiotics may kill the bacteria that make you sick but they also affect the levels of good bacteria that you need for your health. When that scale is unbalanced, it could lead to infection, requiring treatment to re-tip the scales in your favor.

Skin Remedies

Treatment for yeast infection on skin typically starts with trying to eliminate the reason for the infection in the first place. When sweat gets trapped in the skin folds for instance, a nystatin powder may be applied to help absorb moisture and provide a barrier from it forming so easily. Of course, you must clean and dry the areas first before this powder treatment for yeast infection on skin.

There are a variety of anti-fungal creams and ointments on the market these days that treat Candida yeast infections. Again, make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying a topical treatment for yeast infection on skin. Then, you just follow the directions on the package to ensure you do it properly, keeping in mind that if you must re-apply it, you might have to wash your skin and dry it before re-application.

An indirect treatment for yeast infection on skin may be the consumption of yogurt as it has live bacteria cultures in it. Consuming good bacteria will not only help your digestive system but it works from the inside out filtering out to the skin eventually, restoring a balance of healthy bacteria. However, you should not rely on the consumption of yogurt alone as treatment for yeast infection on skin and instead do it in addition to another treatment.
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