A Burning Question: What Are The Best Natural Cures for Yeast Infection?

There is a burning question that is on everyone's minds: what are the best natural cures for yeast infection? Millions of women suffer through vaginal yeast infections although they can occur elsewhere on the body and men are not immune to them either. Candida is the fungal culprit that causes infections and these microscopic organisms just love warm, moist places with an upset in the balance of healthy bacteria.

To understand what are the best natural cures for yeast infection, you have to recognize the different places they can occur beyond women's vaginal area. Just picture anything warm and moist and you will likely come up with a yeast infection around the armpits and under the breasts and other skin folds that trap warm moisture like sweat, under nailbeds and even in the mouth if you are a denture wearer.

Non-Prescription Remedies

When asked what are the best natural cures for yeast infection, you need to look to items which can replenish good bacteria and restore the delicate pH balance of the body. Yogurt with live active cultures is often the answer and can be used in a variety of ways from consumption of the product to applying it on the skin to inserting it as a suppository. This yogurt must be plain with no added flavors or sugars as these things actually will feed the Candida.

Apple cider vinegar is among the answers to the question of what are the best natural cures for yeast infection but you have to proceed with a bit of caution. Apple cider vinegar can burn if used full strength on vaginal yeast infections so you will want to dilute with water. However, with infections on other parts of the body, you can swish it around in your mouth or soak a rag and pat on affected areas of the body.

Garlic is another answer to the "what are the best natural cures for yeast infection" question and it is a miracle cure for many other things as well. There are garlic tabs on the market that can be inserted vaginally should that be where the infection is but some people do use peeled fresh garlic pods as well, although you do have to remove them after a period of time. Most people prefer to either take a garlic supplement or incorporate fresh garlic in every meal.

You would be surprised as to the many options available in regards to answering the question "what are the best natural cures for yeast infection." Be advised that not every no-prescription method may work for you but if you have the time and inclination for experimenting, you just might find a natural way that works for you.
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